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Narrator's Bio -
Narrator’s Bio – “I was once a homeless person, but now live in the author’s basement with his pooch Bow Wow somewhere outside Atlanta.”

Why would anyone become a writer… fiction, or otherwise? For we three Musketeers the answer was simple – we could sit around wasting our time looking for real paying jobs in this great booming economy of ours, or we could simply turn to our newfound passion….writing.

Hello, I am “The Narrator” and a character in the 260+ page satire, WTF! This is a Liberal Utopia!  I was once a homeless person and a skid mark in society’s collective underwear…but no more!  Now my life has meaning.

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Smashwords.com download link [Free] 262 pages : ISBN 13:978-1499549492 : 10:1499549490

I’m also the administrator of this fantabulous site highlighting our favorite sort of people: “duh liberal pinheads.” My cohorts are in the picture to the left…no, I meant somewhere below; a flat-nose bitch who’s called Bow Wow by the owner and I, and who happens to be the mutt I am forced sleep with in the basement of our abode somewhere outside Atlanta; along with our extraordinary, ordinary, illustrious, munificent leader: Frankie. All three of us don’t-screw-with-us, gun-totting, 2nd Amendment, ‘Top Conservatives On Twitter’ (TCOT), have cobbled together this place as an aid to better understand those on ‘the Left.’

For far too long, the absurdity of liberaldom has been left unchallenged; it is now time to test their preposterousness with our own absurdities. When it comes to debating the issues with goofballs, we too will be using five-syllable, flabbergasting, silly-sounding phrases and anecdotes to appear, likewise smart, but when boiled down to their essence make little to no sense, kind of like when I use to sit around yelling at pigeons all day.

Oh, before I forget, all our novels have now been professionally proofed and the ebook versions are free through Smashwords, just follow the download links. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have had dreaming them up.

As I was saying, our blows against liberaldom are delivered through the aforementioned satire WTF!.., the link to something we call the “Insult Dynamo,” and the newly released 260+ page satire, The Barbarian King. 

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Smashwords.com download link [Free] 274 pages : ISBN 13: 978-1515308638 : 10: 1515308634

The Barbarian King is a zany, dark comedy combining the look and feel of Robert E. Howard’s Conan series, L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Charles Dodgson’s Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, with many of my favorite personalities in the Democrat Party. Yes, I think it is one of the most bizarre tales ever put to media, the story of a Barbarian swashbuckler, a woman of rare beauty, and a weird marble city inhabited by the most peculiar race ever spawned. This is the first installment and we use a bit of Pig Latin to throw off the iberalslay (liberals).

The books the Author, Bow Wow and I have cobbled together strive to reach the same intellectual heights of surrealism as those two leftist intellectuals: Jon Stewart and Bill Maher. We too will be pushing discourse down to the same high-sounding, muddle-thinking levels as those two Vaudeville comics, through vapid, touchy-feely, non-erudite conclusions; silly, irrational postulates and illogical, logically sounding arguments on most every conceivable issue.

If you are not a liberal we hope you enjoy yourself as much as the three of us have in cobbling this site together.  Also, again if you’re not a liberal, please cast your vote in the upcoming election, otherwise many of the things satirized herein could actually come to pass.  Heaven help us if that happens.

BR – the Narrator

The author dislikes…no hates the Georgia Bulldogs and takes it out on ‘Bow Wow’ by dressing the bitch up as a pink bunny during the annual Florida-Georgia game.

. . . . .

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